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Revolutionizing Learning Through Digital Fabrication

June 13 -- 16, 2022 Fab Institute 

Registration is OPEN!

Fab Institute June 13-16, 2022
What is the Pittsburgh FAB Network?

In 2015, Pittsburgh K-12 educators came together to create the Pittsburgh FAB Network to share ideas centered around the maker movement.  The Grable Foundation from Pittsburgh, PA, supported this grassroots effort to help grow the maker movement in Western Pennsylvania.  Educators across the Pittsburgh region were starting to create FABLabs in K-12 schools and struggling to change the pedagogy in the makerspaces, learning what hardware and software should be in these makerspaces, and how to provide professional development to K-12 teachers.  During the summer of 2015, the first Pittsburgh FAB Institute occurred for four-days and had 60 educators.  During the summer of 2017, the Pittsburgh FAB Institute hosted 140 educators from across eight states!

Digital Fabrication in K-12

EXPLORE            ENGAGE          EMPOWER

Students are challenged with

an authentic problem. Then they use design thinking strategies to explore potential solutions

Once foundational knowledge is developed, students collaborate and engage with industry experts to develop solution models

Leveraging digital fabrication technologies, students use rapid prototyping and engineering design processes to create products

Remaking Learning in MakerSpaces

Design Thinking. Digital Fabrication. 21st Century Skills. Growth Mindset.


Pittsburgh, PA MakerSpaces


K-12 MakerSpaces


Students participating in MakerSpaces in Pittsburgh
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