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Local Resources


  • Pittsburgh Maker PD Guide: Our guide to maker professional development across the Pittsburgh region

  • Maker Faire Pittsburgh: The Pittsburgh region’s annual celebration of making in all its forms

  • Making + Learning: The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh partnered with the Institute for Museum and Library Services to share best practices for making makerspaces

  • Making Spaces: A partnership between the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Google, and Maker Ed to help schools sustainably integrate making into the classroom

  • Carnegie Science Center Fab Lab: A digital fabrication laboratory for innovation and invention (and its mobile sidekick) at the science museum

  • Intermediate 1 Fab Lab: Giving students the tools to go from concept to drawing, models to prototype, and redesign to final product

  • Digital Corps Teaching Kits: Giving students the tools to go from concept to drawing, models to prototype, and redesign to final product

  • Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse: A non-profit alternative craft store where educators and families can purchase secondhand maker materials of all kinds

National Resources

  • Maker Learning Leadership Framework:A framework created by Digital Promise to help school leaders create sustainable maker learning programs

  • Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project: A common framework for documenting, sharing, and assessing learning through portfolios

  • Nation of Makers: A national nonprofit dedicated to supporting makers through advocacy, resources, and community building

  • Maker Promise: A campaign to equip more schools with the resources and support they need to provide quality maker learning experiences

  • Maker City Book: A practical guide to help leaders understand the Maker movement and its impact

  • Agency by Design: A multiyear research initiative at Harvard’s Project Zero investigating maker-centered learning experiences

  • Digital Harbor Blueprint: An online toolkit for building your own youth-focused makerspace

  • STEM|LAB STUDIO: Compilation of resources for education, fabrication, and innovation.

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