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Student-Run Businesses

Like any other business, an EdCorp (a student-run Education Corporation) sells a product or service that you can buy. But unlike purchasing from any other business, with EdCorps, your purchase supports education and other great causes at the same time. How does this work? When purchasing from an EdCorp, every penny of your purchase is used by the students to support their communities–donating to local causes, expanding educational opportunities for, and engaging in social entrepreneurship.


Meet The Team

Elyse Burden

Co-Founder of Real World Scholars

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Christen Dunn

Pittsburgh EdCorps Contact

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John Cahalin

Co-Founder of Real World Scholars

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Pittsburgh Student-Run Businesses

Austin Area School District

Avonworth High School

Avonworth Primary Center

Bellwood-Antis Middle School

Bellwood-Antis High School

Beth-Center Elementary School

Beth-Center Middle School

Central Elementary School

Cornell High School

Cornell School District

Donegal Elementary School

Elizabeth Forward High School

Elizabeth Forward Middle School

Elizabeth Forward Middle School

Entrepreneurship Academy

Frazier Elementary School

Lettuce & Basil, Koi (fish), Garden plants

Hampton Township School District

Mount Vernon Elementary School

Operation Save Our Youth, (OSOY)

Pittsburgh Montessori

Greeting Cards

Regency Park Elementary School

Regency Park Elementary School

South Park High School

South Park High School

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